It was the perfect Colorado fall day. A blue sky, 70 degrees and incredible fall colors glowing in the warm sunlight. Jack and his family decided to be photographed at a park near their home. It was perfect—the grasses, the lake and did I mention the awesome light?

I have known this family for about twelve years. I knew them before they dated, during their courtship, the beginning of their marriage and now I am witnessing their family growing. Their newest addition to the family is Jack. He just turned one and he is a heart breaker. Check out those eyelashes…I am so jealous!

one year old boy sitting on a rocker with tall grass behind it back lite

Pretty cute, huh? I just can’t get enough. When I met them at their house before the shoot I saw this adorable rocker and asked if we could bring it with us. As it turns out, it was Jack’s dad’s rocking chair when he was a kid.

one year old back lite in a field on a rocking horse

mom, with dad and one year old son on his shoulders at the park in tall grasses

Jack is a happy kid. It doesn't take much to get him to smile.

mom and dad with one year old son in their arms snuggling

I love how Jack is grabbing his hands with joy and smiling at his parents.

dad and one year old son on his shoulders with orange grassed behind him

mom holding one year old up on the air over her head as her son smiles down on her

mom, holding one year old son and dad standing in back lite grass looking at the camera

little boy slippers with bulldozers on the toes

Shouldn't every little boy have a pair of these?

mom holding one year old son's hand and dad holding the other hand walking away from the camera, mom and dad are kissing

Very sweet.

Thanks guys for a fun afternoon in the park.