Do you remember last weekend? We had an Indian summer in Denver and Boulder. And today as I write this we have snow.

Let me take you back to last weekend…breath-taking fall light, glowing leaves, 70+ degree temperatures…I was lucky enough to have a couple of fun family portrait sessions.

This Denver family will be growing this spring, when they welcome a new baby girl to their home. For the time being, 16-month old Nathan seems happy to have mom and dad as playmates, but a new sister will definitely make play time even MORE fun.

family portraits: mom and dad kissing one year old son on each of his cheeks infront of a golden aspen tree

family portraits: parents and one year old son on a fall day

family portraits: parents and one year old son looking at a leaf

family portraits: mom and dad tossing leaves over a one year old heads

Nathan discovering what to do with a leaf pile.

one year old tossing leaves around

"I see...I just pick up these things and toss'em in the air. Fun!"

one year old boy smiling in the fall golden leaves

"My Dad says every day is a bad hair day for me."

family portraits: one year old son in the front and parents in the background kissing

"Crawling in the dirt is much better than crawling on wood floors. I get much better traction."

family portraits: pregnant mom holding her belly, and her one year old son hugging her legs and dad looking on

family portraits: dad holding one year old son up over his head as he smiles

children portraits: one year old boy looking directly at the camera with big brown eyes

Another little one with gorgeous eyes and eye lashes. Why do the boys always end up with the best lashes?

family portraits: one year old boy trying to walk with the help of his father's hands

Thanks guys for a fun day in your neighborhood. I look forward to meeting your new arrival this spring.