Marshmallows—they are kind of weird. Who really craves marshmallows fresh out of the bag? Kids! Oh yeah, I guess I craved them out of the bag as a kid. If I recall correctly, I think my brother and I would see how many we could fit into our mouths at once. As an adult I cringe at the thought of marshmallows. They are squishy, gelatinous, sticky air with no flavor. That is, until you place them on a stick and roast them over an open fire. When a marshmallow is perfectly browned and crunching on the outside and soft in the middle, then I like them. Especially if there are graham crackers and chocolate around to accompany them. YUM!

Much to my surprise, as a family portrait session was coming to a close this week, the family suggested roasting marshmallows. Fun, huh?

mom, dad and two girls roasting marshmallows over an open fire

dad holding a marshmallow while a two year old girl blows on it

Fresh from the fire can be a little too hot!

one year old little girl shoving an entire marshmallow in her mouth

'Yum! Marshmallows! I know I can fit all of this in my mouth.'

one year old girl's hands in perfect focus covered in marshmallows, she is in the background out of focus

dad feeding a two year old a marshmallow

two year old's hand covered in marshmallows, she is out of focus, but the hand is in perfect focus and she is looking at her hand very seriously wondering which finger to lick

one year old on mom's lap with marshmallows on her fingers

The sign of a good marshmallow!

More marshmallow-less pictures from this family portrait session coming your way soon.