Meet Rebecca. She is the “typical” Boulder gal. You know— athletic, outgoing, outdoorsy, loves her organic locally grown foods, adores her dog Allie and she is a master on the yoga mat. I can always count on Rebecca to be up for most adventures whether it is biking Kenosha Pass, cooking a new vegetarian meal or teaching me to knit; she is always up for a good challenge.

Her latest challenge is a shift in her career from an editor of a local outdoor publication to a career as a PR consultant focusing on the outdoor, health and wellness industries. One of the teams she is helping out is On the Horizon Communications. We had a fun afternoon capturing some head shots to accompany her amazing bio for her new gig.

business head shot portrait

And since her dog, Allie, was sitting right there watching every moved we made I had to grab a few shots of the two of them. I told you, Rebecca loves her dog. How can you not love her, look at that sweet face!

owner and her dog portrait

owner and her dog portrait

Thanks ladies for a fun afternoon.