Corinne and Jon were married Jan 22nd at The Westin St John Resort and Villas on the shore of Great Cruz Bay. The day was warm, with fluffy clouds and a nice breeze. Just as the happy couple was about to walk down the aisle, light showers fell only long enough to cool off the guests and provide a breathtaking back drop for the exchanging of their vows for a lifetime of partnership and love. It could not have been more perfect.

bride and groom walking down the aisle to be married

The happy couple entering the ceremony together.

bride and groom walking into the ceremony

They were married on the beach by Corinne's brother.

overview of the beach wedding grounds at St John Westin

Westin St John wedding venue

As you can see the Westin St John Resort and Villas offers great wedding venues.

groom giving the bride her ring

bride putting the ring on his finger with her mother watching in the background

family members of the bride and groom watch

The families watch with love, pride and maybe even a few tears.

reading at a beach destination wedding

Jon's two sisters did the reading.

the bride and groom just before the first kiss

the bridal kiss

The first kiss.

bride and groom hugging

So sweet.

bride and groom leaving the ceremony

Husband and wife.

How happy are they? Glowing!

sister of the bride giving a toast

Corinne's sister kicked off the evening with a very warm toast about Corinne and Jon's love.

bride and groom's first dance

bride and groom's first dance

father/daughter dance St John Westin

Corinne's dad surprised her with their song. It started out jitterbugging and transitioned into the lullaby he used to sing to her as a baby. He sang every word to her and brought most of the crowd, including his daughter, to tears.

mother/son wedding dance St John Westin

Now that is one proud mother.

bride dancing

Corinne and Jon both have all the moves on the dance floor.

groom dancing with friends

And Jon even has the moves off the dance floor. Apparently it is a tradition with Jon's friends to take the groom body surfing to the beat of Jump Around. AWESOME!

Congratulations Corinne and Jon! Thank you for inviting me to be part of your magical day. I wish you many years of happiness and fito lahy sy fito vavy!

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