Denver Newborn Photographer – Fresh 48 Session at St. Joseph’s Hospital

When a family invites me to their newborn photographer, it is an honor. Having a newborn is such a tender time for families and when you add in siblings it becomes even more special. The exhaustion, confusion, and joy of parenthood all collide together in a field of emotions when a newborn joins the family. Whether it is your first child or your 10th, the first 48-hours of life for a newborn and life for parents can be an emotional roller coaster. Parents are trying to figure everything out and remembering how it all works and the babes are figuring out what life is like on the outside. By photographing this time, families are able to relive these moments once the shell shock of having a newborn wears off. And years from now when the newborn is older they will be able to tell them all about what it was like right after they were born.

Every family chooses to birth babies in their own way. Some families deliver babies at home, while others welcome them into the world in a hospital. No one way is the right way, it is a matter of personal choice and what feels right for the family. For this family, delivering their baby at Denver St. Joseph’s Hospital felt just right to them.

This Denver family recently welcomed their third child, and this time it was a boy. His oldest sister eagerly entered the room wanting to meet him and especially hold him. She was becoming a big sister for the second time, so being around a newborn was not completely foreign to her. Her younger sister, who went from the baby to the middle child in a matter of minutes, was much more dubious but came around in the end.

Thanks to these guys for welcoming me into their world and allowing me to preserve the real, sweet, sleep deprived, funny, heartwarming and exhausting moments that come along with having newborn and two older sisters, all under age five. You’ve got this mom and dad!

mom holding newborn in hospital room looking at the door as the 4-year old sister, Grandma and Dad walk in

mom holding newborn in the hospital as 4-year old sister gets in close to his face and dad and other toddler sister watch from further back

Grandma holds a swaddled newborn as a 4-year old sister checks him out for the first time

Grandma and Grandpa laughing hysterically holding a newborn in a fresh 48 session in a Denver hospital

Dad holds newborn son and looks at him while sitting on a couch at the hospital

A new family of five snuggle together in the hospital as the older sisters get to know their newborn brother

The chaos of a new family of five in a hospital room at St. Joe's in Denver. Kids climbing on beds and a still newborn being held.

Dad holds newborn son as the 4-year old sister kisses the newborn on the head and mom watches.

19-month old girl in pigtails playing so big with her dad as her dad holds her newborn brother and mom watches

Dad holding newborn in a hospital room while yawning and his two daughters are walking on the furniture and crawling on the floor

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