Family Portraits: Golden leaves

Colorado’s unusually warm fall has drawn out the life of the fall colors this year and provided incredible backgrounds for portraits. I scheduled and photographed this family all in the same day with hopes of capturing the golden leaves before they were blown off the trees. Thankfully we made the effort when we did because according to the weather man, old man winter will be knocking on our door this weekend.

Everyone was part of this family portrait session, even the family dog—Skoki. I love it when dogs are part of the family portrait. They are part of the family so why shouldn’t they? As you will see these kids love their dog and Skoki loves them (and treats)!

You can tell Elise looks up to her big brother, Ethan, in the way she watches him and mimics his actions. Ethan is very sweet with her with his warm hugs. Overall another fabulous shoot with the fall colors and a fun crew.

dad holding the dog on a leash with the 6 year-old boy playing with the dog looking at the camera and mom standing next to them holding the one year old daughter. Mom, dad and daughter are lookign at the dog.
With two kids and an active dog, you can tell there is never a dull moment with this crew.
six year old boy hugging his dog next to his one year old sister
They love Skoki, can you tell?
mom and dad sitting on rocks with their six year old son higging themform behind and their one year old daughter on their lap
six year old boy with his one year old sister standing infront of tall grasses back lite from the sun
All smiles.
one year old girl standing next to her black lab dog who is looking directly in the camera
Skoki and his newest sibling, whom he has taken under his wing.
dad sitting on a rock and his six year old son hugging him from behing with golden aspens in the background

six year old close up
Oh, those cute!
one year old girl walking and smiling with her doll
Elise has inherited one of mom's old dolls.
mom and dad walking away form the camera holding a child between them, the children are facing the camera

Thanks for a fun family portrait session. I am glad we pulled it together quickly and were able to capture the fall colors. I wish these leaves and light would stick around all year.

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