Family Portraits: Time to grow

Last week I met Brian and Nicole for a family portrait session on what I believe to be the windiest day of the year. I arrived early to the session to scope out a couple of locations, and the minute I stepped out of the car I was nearly blown over by hurricane gusts of wind. The pond in the neighborhood was covered with white caps and when you stood on the leeward side of the pond, you felt a mist from the spray from the waves. Perfect day for a photo shoot, right?

Brian and Nicole are beginning the adoption process for an infant to join their family. I have known Brian since middle school and all I can say is the child who becomes part of this family is one lucky kid. Brian and Nicole are two of the most patience, giving and warm hearted people I know. They are already parents to Bode and Delilah, a Portuguese Waterdog and Golden Doodle, and want to share their life with a child as well.

When I arrived at their house, Brian and Nicole laughed, and said, “Oh yeah, it is windy. Welcome to our world. When is not windy here?” So we packed up and headed out to try and get some images without looking like we were in a wind storm.

dog portrait
I included this image because it begins to give you an idea of the wind. It was similar to sticking you head out the window of a car that was going 50 mph. Even the dogs seemed a little put off by it and you know how dogs LOVE to stick their head out the window of a moving car.
family & pet portraits
family and pet portraits
Doesn't this picture just ooze love?
pet portraits
These siblings are ready for another sibling to join the pack.
family portraits

family portraits

Thanks guys for a fun afternoon.

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