I love people. I love them all. Big people. Small people—it makes no difference to me. Young people. Old people. Round people. Thin people. People pique my curiosity. I want to hear their stories and learn about their lives. People of all colors, backgrounds and beliefs—I love interacting with them. I love discovering all the interesting and unique things about a person that make them an individual and I love capturing these unique qualities with my camera. People…your personalities, your lives, your stories…these are the things I adore observing with my camera. I am so very grateful for the people who invite me into their lives and allow me to fuel my passion of photography to get to know them from behind the lens. Thanks to all of you people. These are just a few of my favorites…

Indian woman with colorful door

traditional Korean wedding

Andrea Gibson with scarf

lesbian wedding, throwing a U-haul key

crowd dancing at a wedding

father and daughter sharing a drink

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Want to take better phone pics, more often?