Personal: Kona is back

About two weeks ago I blogged about my child, I mean dog Kona. He fractured a small bone in his front left paw and was put in a cast. The cast meant no running, no swimming, no hiking, basically just walking around the block. It was a big bummer for the entire family.

The other night, I noticed his cast was broken. This lead to another trip to the vet. This trip was much more fun since they took off his cast and did not replace it! Kona and I were psyched. He still limps a bit, but my boy is slowly getting back to chasing balls and playing. Thank goodness because keeping a three year old active dog entertained without being allowed to hike, run or swim has been challenging.

dog with a ball in his mouth running directly at the camera
Chasing the ball was never so fun!

dog catching a ball and running back at the camera
dog panting with a ball infront of him on a pile of leaves
"I am free! Thank goodness I can chase the ball. And these leaves, they feel so good on my belly."
a dog lying down on  his chest in a leaf pile protecting his ball
"What? Are you gonna grab the ball? I am ready! Just try and get it."

Kona, I am so glad your cast is off and you can get back to chasing balls and protecting the backyard from the squirrels who have been tormenting you for the last two weeks.

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