Family Photography celebrating

the curiosity of childhood, the mayhem of family life,
& the devotion of parenting.


Photographs that are unscripted, undirected, and undeniably you

...laughter, tears, dusty bookshelves, faces covered in food, unwashed hair, wearing undies as hats…

It's all worth photographing

shadow on ground of mom giving child money to put in little wallet during a family photo session

No need for anyone to act or look perfect. Actually, the more chaos, the better the pictures.

No need for the kids to behave how they never behave. Let them do their thing.

No need to buy new coordinating outfits that match your home décor.

No need to go someplace you never go. Just you and your family in your element.

Little girl on dad's shoulders holding on by squeezing his eyeballs

Sometimes it's better to show rather than tell.

 Have a look at the examples below to see what is created during a documentary family session.

dad doing wheely at the valont bike park with his young son.

We love how you were able to tell the story of our current season of life: poopy diapers, playful grandparents, bike-fanatics and breastfeeding mom, sums it up completely!

"Making plans to have family photos taken can be anxiety producing. Will my children wear our matching outfits that day? Will they feel tired? Hungry? Shy? We chose Casie as our go-to family photographer because we don’t have to worry about any of those things. Her relaxed, professional attitude makes it easy to capture daily, unposed, authentic moments that might otherwise be forgotten in the haze of parenting. "

- Kat, family session

Adorn your walls with photographs of your life

Family Collections are $250/hr and include product credit.

Minimum two hour session required.

Please note session fees do not include products.

Boulder Family Photographer

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Want to take better phone pics, more often?