11 Months and On the Go: Boulder, CO Family Life Photographer

These parents…I am not sure how they do it all. They inspire me. They are working their butts off to have the life and lifestyle they want. Dad stays at home with the little man while studying to take his real estate license. Mom works four days a week as a nurse so one day a week she can be home with both of her guys. On top of all of that, mom also started a side business. And when they are not busy doing all of this, they are busy getting outside adventuring together as a family.

Life with an 11-month-old is a little crazy. If you have kids you know what I am talking about. It is nonstop from morning to night. If your 11-month-old is not walking, things are still a little contained. Some kids walk at this age and some don’t. My kid was a late walker. As frustrating as it was when her friends were walking and she wasn’t, I thanked my lucky stars that I could put her down, leave and come back knowing that, for the most part, she would be in the same general area.

This little guy is well on his way to walking. It was just a matter of time. Don’t blink mom and dad because if you do, you will miss it. Along with mastering walking, he was experimenting with solid foods and trying to figure out how to get his best buddy to come in the house to play.

Good job mom and dad! All of the hard work you are putting in now will pay off later when you have the freedom to go on bigger and bigger adventures.

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Boulder Family Photographer

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Colorado Family Documentary Photographer

Colorado Family Photojournalist

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Colorado Family Photographer

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