Bohemian Farm Wedding at The Lyons Farmette

Mari and Steve, a couple I adored from the moment I met them for dinner at Root Down. Instantly, I wanted to be their friend—let alone their wedding photographer. Their rescue dog, Alamo (who was in the dog house at the time because he just destroyed something) was slated to be in the wedding. Dogs being part of it is one of my favorite things about photographing Colorado outdoor weddings. And then there was Mari’s giggle and awesome facial expressions…they were contagious and just pulled me in. Combine that with Steve’s dry sense of humor and our mutual love of dogs, it was a recipe for an awesome wedding day. I left that meeting dreaming about their August farm wedding at the Lyons Farmette.

Fast forward to August…it was one of those summer days when the showers came and went about 100 times during the day, but Mari and Steve took it in stride. They didn’t let a little rain ruin the farm wedding they envisioned. They still held chickens, frolicked with alpacas, dined at long farm tables under the twinkling lights (and umbrellas), and devoured homemade pies from Crust. The gals at Feather and Twig were busy all day facilitating covering the tables from the rain and then uncovering them again and again and again.

Both Mari and Steve had a hand in adding personal touches to their wedding. From hand painted signs, writing their ceremony themselves (which was stand-up comedy funny), to their homemade huppah and boutineers, there was a lot of thought and love put into this celebration.

The showers passed late in the evening just in time for a little hora on the lawn. Good times were had by all!

Airstream Wedding, The Lyons Farmette

Spirit Hound Distillery Groom wedding Prep

Wedding Dog - Spirit Hound Distillery Lyons, CO

bride and groom portrait at the Lyons Farmette

Bohemian bride at the Lyons Farmette

wedding first look at the Lyons Farmette

Bohemian wedding couple with alpacas at the lyons farmette

Bohemian farm wedding couple - The lyons Farmette

Bohemian Wedding party - The Lyons Farmette

Bohemian wedding dog - The lyons Farmette

Wedding Dog and bride - the lyons farmette

Best Wedding Dog - Lyons Farmette

Alfresco Wedding couple - The Lyons Farmette

DIY Bohemian Wedding details - lyons farmette

Bohemian Wedding Bouquet - Lyons Farmette

Alfresco Dining - The Lyons Farmette

Alfresco Wedding, Big Bang Catering - The Lyons Farmette - alfresco dinning

Alfresco Wedding - The Lyons Farmette

Intimate First Wedding Dance - The Lyons Farmette

Father daughter dance at the Lyons Farmette

Mother son dance - The Lyons Farmette

Farm hora - The Lyons Farmette


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