Snowstorms – love’em

We talked about it the day we met. Over coffee they said, “We want our engagement session in the snow.” I thought, “PERFECT! YES! YES! YES! I love these two. They are snow lovers just like me!”

Fast-forward to the week of their engagement session…the forecast was predicting a snowstorm just in time for their session and I was PSYCHED—like a child on Christmas morning psyched! Photographing an engagement session in a snowstorm had long been on my “To Do” list.

A snowstorm creates childhood excitement for me. I really can’t contain my excitement! Watching snow fall fills my soul. It is calming and invigorating to me, all at the same time. I love not being able to see in front of me because I am in a whiteout. Being outside in a snowstorm can be a pretty intimate experience. Often times it is just you and the falling snow. People tend to flee and run for cover in a blizzard, but not me, I live to venture out into the thick of it. The wind as it burns across my face combined with the sound of the falling snow on my coat relaxes me and takes me to my warm fuzzy place.

When I heard them say, “We want our engagement session in the snow,” I knew these two shared my excitement for a snowstorm. SCORE for me!

It was like magic, we stepped outside and they had an extra spring in their step, a glimmer in their eyes and a glow on their cheeks. Without any coaxing they frolicked and flirted as the wind picked up and the snowflakes fell. She innocently smiled at him and he giggled right back at her. She ran one way and he followed her reaching for her hand with a big smile engulfing his face. Direction? They didn’t need any direction from me, they were right at home, playing outside in a snowstorm. As was I.

engaged couple jumping in a snowstorm in Boulder

engaged couple laughing in snowstorm at Daddy Draw trail in Boulder

a man picking up and spinning his wife to be in a snowstorm

engaged couple kissing in a blizzard in Boulder

intimate moment of a Boulder engaged couple kissing in a snowstorm

Boulder engaged couple close up flirting about to kiss

Engaged Boulder couple hugging in the outdoors

Engaged couple kissing on bridge over Boulder Creek in the snow

Engagement session in the snow outside the Boulder library

Engaged couple at Marshall Mesa trail in a snowstorm

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