Boulder Senior Portrait Photography: Boulder Creek

We planned for an early summer evening high senior portrait session. You know, the time of day when the light has a nice warm glow. Forty-five minutes before we were scheduled to meet for her senior portrait session, Mother Nature turned on the faucet and it poured like no one’s business. We waited thinking the storm would pass, and it did, so we thought.

Even though the skies were still looking gray and clouds were building, we met. I thought of the previous evening. The afternoon thunderstorm was short and sweet and then the sun broke through the clouds casting pockets of gorgeous sunlight. I was hoping for the same scenario, even though I could see the thunderheads building over the mountains, ready to dump another storm at any minute. We headed to our location along Boulder Creek and I began photographing her. One pose in, it started drizzling. “Oh, it will pass,” I thought and kept photographing. Two minutes later we were under a bridge waiting for the storm to pass. We waited 10 or so minutes and decided it was time to make a run for the car. We were soaked to the bone.

Boulder Senior Porrait Photography - Boulder Creek - Casie Zalud Photography
The start to a senior portrait session at Boulder Creek, that was derailed by rain.


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