Children Portraits: Delia and her Cupcake

Cupcakes are on the rise. They are all the craze. Who doesn’t love a good cupcake? Some brides and grooms are passing on wedding cakes and going for cupcakes. I don’t blame them. They are delicious. The frosting, their individual size, the scrumptious cake…yum! How can you go wrong with small personalized cakes?

Now, you can eat a cupcake systematically by trying to combine the perfect amount of icing and cake. You can eat the cake first and save the icing for last. Or you can go straight to the icing. What’s your technique? As a kid, I went straight for the cake and saved all the icing for the end. Now that I am older and wiser I try to combine each bite with a combination of both cake and icing.

I had a family shoot last week that ended with a chocolate cupcake and white frosting. Check out the pure bliss from this little one.

a girl taking an enormous bite from a cupcake
Delia was serious about this cupcake. Look at how hard she is trying to get a good bite.

a girl trying to take an enormous bite of a cupcake
She is beginning to focus.

a girl eating a cupcake passionatly
True cupcake passion.
a girl smirking after eating most of the icing from a cupcake
Is that the "I just ate all the frosting" smile?

a girl eating the cake of a cupcake after eating all the frosting off
"I like to save the cake for the last part."
a girl trying to finish a cupcake by shoving the remains in her mouth
Sometimes I feel like this when I eat cupcakes. I eat too much with each bite and don't savor it.

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