Colorado Intimate Engagement Photography

Photographing engagement sessions are fun for me for a couple of reasons. They are a dress rehearsal of sorts. They allow time for me to get to know more about my clients and vice versa. Couples get a taste of how I work and get to really know my personality. My clients get to know things like—I often times act a little nutty behind the camera. This is in an effort to help them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Okay, who am I kidding? I may act a little nutty all the time, not just when I am shooting. My husband and friends say it is part of my charm. Clients quickly realize that adding humor to most situations is how I roll. My goal is for clients to walk away from the experience feeling relaxed and excited about their wedding photography, and okay with the fact that sometimes I make funny noises when I am excited about gorgeous light.

These two were no different. I met them in their stomping grounds of Greeley, which was my first visit to the area. It was fun scouting around town for some unique and intimate locations. After the shoot, as we walked to the car, the groom-to-be said, “That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.” That is when I knew I had done my job.

Intimate moment of engaged couple through a window

Intimate kiss of engaged couple through a window

Smiling groom-to-be as bride-to-be gives him a kiss

Engaged couple portraits at an old grain mill

Alfresco engagement portraits infront of an old building


An upclose intitmate engagement photography smile

Engagement couple kissing infront of silos in the winter

Intimate moment of engaged couple snuggling under a quilt outside

Colorado engagement photography as the sun sets


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