Eloping…just do it!

One of my closest friends has been engaged for about four and a half years now. When she was first engaged she smiled and changed the subject when people asked her, “When is the wedding.” But now, four and a half years later she is talking about eloping and I think she is brilliant! It is the perfect solution for her and her beau. When she told me they are thinking of going somewhere and getting married, just the two of them, I immediately filled with excitement and joy for them. Eloping seems like the perfect solution for them, I hope they do it!

She comes from a big family, he comes from a family of three siblings and most of their families live on the other side of the U.S. She and her fiance love to travel. They met while living abroad, they got engaged while traveling abroad, and now, why not tie the knot abroad just the two of them without all the planning and stress of a traditional wedding? I say do it!

couple eloping in Oregon

putting on the ring

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