Family Portraits: Brecksville, Ohio

It is a new year and time for me to get back to blogging. The end of 2011 was a whirlwind packed with everything from a road trip to the Midwest and sessions with people I have known more than half my life, to an awesome styled wedding elopement shoot—and then there were those holiday orders. All good stuff!

Let’s kick off my long overdue blogging marathon with a family I have known since—I think, but I could be wrong, I was 11. Megan and I became best buddies while attending a drama camp one summer. Our mother’s carpooled and the rest was history. Next thing I knew we were having sleepovers, taking care of Megan’s little brother, who is in this post and is now a man and married ta-boot! Did I really just write the word ta-boot? I sound like I am 100.

I was thrilled when Megan contacted me about photographing her and her brothers’ families as a holiday gift for their parents during my Midwest tour. I arrived just as the sun was setting, so we rallied to get some outdoor shots since I love shooting outside most.

As I was photographing this group, I couldn’t help but think about how much we have all evolved over the years we have known each other. I really enjoyed going back to where I grew up and photographing people who have been in my life for a long time. It is so fun to meet their families and see how they have grown. It made me remember where I am from and how I got to be the person I am today.

Brecksville Family Portrait Photgrapher - Casie Zalud Photography

These two are expecting their first child sometime this month. Congrats to you both!

Brecksville Maternity Photgrapher - Casie Zalud Photography

And this is the guy I used to babysit when I was 11. Now a happily married man who will celebrate his first anniversary at the end of February. These two have chemistry. I love it. They are smitten with each other as every newly wed couple should be.

Denver Engagement Photographer
Denver Engagement Photography

And last but not least big sister Megan who pulled this entire family portrait session together. Megan is a leader and organizer by nature. In high school she was the president of student council, the president of our senior class, a cheerleader, homecoming queen, friends with EVERYONE, managed to get great grades and was always an awesome friend to me. No matter what has happened in our lives, whenever I see Megan, it is as if no time has passed at all. We pick up (well after about 1000 stories) right where we left off. To me, that is a sign of a true friendship.

Megan is now a wife to Pete and mother to Ruby, who at first was not super psyched to be photographed. But thanks to the help of the rest of the family we were able to get her to crack a smile.

Brecksville Family Photographer - Casie Zalud Photography

Megan and Pete are expecting baby number two this spring! I can’t wait to meet Ruby’s new sibling.

Brecksville Maternity Photgrapher

I think Ruby is excited to meet her new sibling too!

Brecksville Maternity Photgrapher

Thanks for such a great family portrait session!

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