Family Portraits: Chautauqua Park & St. Julien Hotel Boulder, Colorado

It was a typical Colorado spring day—sunny and windy. Perfect for a family portrait session, right? Well maybe…

We met at Chautauqua Park in Boulder to begin our family portrait session. The family requested outdoor photographs in a setting that showed off some of Boulder’s iconic landscape, the Flatirons. The timing of the session was not very flexible because not only were Mom, Dad and Bella going to be photographed, but both grandmothers were to be a part of this family portrait session too. One lives in Boulder as well, but the other was visiting and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture everyone.

Earlier, the day seemed perfect. The sun was shining and a few fluffy clouds filled the sky. As we gathered all the items in the parking lot, the wind began to pick up. Instead of heading into the wind tunnel in the field to capture the classic Boulder family portrait with the Flatirons backdrop, we retreated to a brick wall with a little wind protection. That is when Bella started working it for the camera.

Children Portrait Chautaqua Park Boulder, Colorado

Child Portrait Chautauqua Park Boulder, Colorado

Are you wondering what is attached to the thing in Bella’s hand? It is Louie—the family dog and one of Bella’s best friends.

Dog Portrait Chautauqua Park Boulder, Colorado

Family Portrait with dog Chautauqua Park- Boulder, Colorado
Nothing like a kiss from the family pooch!
Mother & Child portrait Chautauqua Park Boulder, Colorado
Naturally the next location, the playground at Chautauqua Park. What two-year old doesn't love a slide?
Family Portrait St. Julien Spa Boulder, Colorado
The wind got to be too much so we moved to our next location at the St. Julien Hotel and Spa in downtown Boulder, Colorado.
Family Portrait St. Julien Hotel Boulder, Colorado
Since we were at the St. Julien Spa, Bella thought it was important to reapply Grandma's lip gloss.
Family Portrait St. Julien Boulder, Colorado
This is one of my favorites. Grandma has one of the best smiles!
Family Portrait St. Julien hotel patio Boulder, Colorado
The patio at the St. Julien has some wonderful tulips right now, and you can avoid the spring winds.
Family Portrait St. Julien hotel patio Boulder, Colorado - 02
Bella was very busy with all the flowers.

Thank you for a fun and adventurous afternoon of shooting.

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