Family Portraits: Delia and the rest of the family

Earlier in the week I posted some images of Delia and her cupcake. Those shots were the tail end of a family portrait session from last week. I had already put my camera away before the cupcake came out of the pastry box. But as you may have noticed from the photos, the moment I saw Delia eye that cupcake, I knew to run and grab my gear.

Today’s post contains the more shots from our shoot, pre-cupcake.

This is Milo, he is Delia’s little brother. He has those same intense eyes as his sister. I love them.

7.5 month old
family portrait with 7.5 month old and three year old and mom and dad
family photo of 7.5 month old and 3 year old and parents
family portrait 3 year old kissing her 7.5 month old brother's head
Delia loves her little brother. Can you blame her?
3 year smiling at her 7.5 month old brother chewing on a balloon
More love.
3 year old hugging her 7.5 month old brother with her special blanket
Even more love.
7.5 month old and his dad
The boys.
7.5 month old and a small soccer ball
3 year old dancing and clapping her hands
7.5 month old in focus, 3 year old out of focus
Milo thinks I am funny. Delia, not so much.

3 year old climing on her dad
Climbing on dad is fun.

3 year old girl climbing on her dad to do a flip
"Flip me Dad!"

dad flipping 3 year old

3 year old flipping over by climbing on dad

3 year old girl hands and cherries
Fresh cherries from their cherry tree.

Thanks for a fun evening of playing, photos and cupcakes.

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