Family Portraits: Fun with leaves & cake

It was the ideal Colorado fall day. Blue skies, crisp morning air and a predicted high of seventy-something degrees. Perfect weather for a family portrait session and perfect weather for a fall leave pile. Do you remember the fun of playing with leaves?

mom and one-year old son playing with leaves in a leaf pile
Murphy was a little timid to start but his Mom was showing him the ropes.
2 1/2 year old boy throwing leaves in the air and you can see a small part of his face
Max on the other hand got right into it. "Wee...throwing leaves is FUN!"
Two and half year old boy sitting in a leaf pile with a smile
"I like these leaves, I wonder what else I can do with them?"
family with a two and half year old boy and 1 year old boy throwing leaves in the air in black and white
It was a family affair.
one year old boy tossing leaves around in black and white
Even the little guy got into it.
family portraits infront of mountains in black and white
mom and dad in the back as a two year old runs down the trail in a family portrait session
children portraits - a one year old and two and half year old boy hanging onto a fence in black and white
family portraits - a mom and her one year old son in color
Not only was it an incredible day for family portraits, it was also Murphy's first birthday. What a great way to celebrate.

We finished off the session with a little homemade cake.

family portrait session - one year old boy crying as his two and half year old brother licks the frosting from his brother's birthday cake
"Hands off my cake!" But his big brother Max, thought it tasted delicious.
children's portraits - one year old boy on his birthday standing next to his little cake
Happy first birthday Murphy!

Thanks everyone for a fun morning with leaves and cake!

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