Family Portraits: Marshmallow Confessions Part II

Yesterday’s images of roasting marshmallows were just one part of a recent family portrait session. In addition to roasting marshmallows we also played with bubbles.

two year old and her father blowing bubbles
two year old chasing bubbles and trying to catch them before they pop in the grass
one year old and two year old sisters smiling for the camera
two year old kissing her one year old sister

We played at the pond.

mom, dad, two year old and one year old on a dock at a lake with golden aspens in the background
mom and dad holding one year old daughter in front of a lake with golder aspens in the background

We rode bikes.

one year old sitting on her tri-cycle giving dad five in black and white
mom and dad headshots in black and white
mom, two year old, one year old, and dad standing in a row holding hands looking at a pond facing away from the camera in black and white

We had fun.

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