Family Portraits: Part II

This week my blog began with a trampolining family portrait session. We didn’t just jump around all day, I took a few more serious shots too! This mom is on the ball and is planning ahead. She is giving their family portraits to dad as a holiday gift this year. SSHHHHH, it is a surprise! Her request: fun black and white shots of her with the kids and Tracks—their five year old yellow lab who likes to have his picture taken. Between the trampoline shots and these, I think she is going to have a great holiday gift for dad.

mom, daughter - 10, son - 13, against a fence having fun all smiling in black and white
daughter on the bottom, mom's head stacked on daughter's head and son stacked on mom's head
5 year old yellow lab in focus, mom and son out of focus in background in black and white
Tracks—See, he is smiling at me. I told you he likes to have his picture taken.
mom hugging 13 year old son from behind, back lit in the garden in black and white
Our shoot was later in the afternoon when the sun is lower in the sky providing awesome backlight.
five year old yellow lab kissing mom as a ten year old girl hides behind the dog
As well as being a ham for the camera, Tracks also is the ultimate kisser.
mom, daughter and dog pose in the garden with great back light in black and white
daughter, mom, and son hugging in front of a fence in black and white

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