Family Portraits: Ruby + Mom & Dad

It was the perfect Colorado summer afternoon when we met for our family portrait photo session in the park. Ruby was a natural model—calm, cool and collected with her pal Sophie within arms reach, ready to shove her in her mouth. With two new teeth about to surface, you can understand Ruby’s desire to chew on a squeaky rubber giraffe.

eight month old baby girl sitting on a blanket with her chew toy and her parents legs and hands in the background
close up of an eight month old girl in black and white

close of an eight month old baby's feet, rest of body out of focus in black and white
I will admit, I am obsessed with baby's feet. They are the cutest!
eight month old girl being lifted in the air by her father in black and white
eight month old baby and parents on a blanket in the park in black and white
mother kissing eight month old baby from behind
eight month old baby in between parents feet in color on a blanket in the park
eight month old baby pulling her dad's ear as her mother laughs and watches
mother blowing on eight month old's face and the baby is closing her eyes
dad holding baby unside down while mom does a headstand
Ruby learned all her yoga moves from mom.
eight month old sitting on dad's neck and playing with his face
"Hmm? What is this thing they call a face?"
eight month old sitting on her dad's neck and leaning over and kissing him in black and white
"I think I will kiss it!"

Thanks for a fun Sunday afternoon in the park.

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