From Living in Antarctica to Parenthood | Colorado Documentary Family Photography

This family’s story is pretty rad. Mom and dad met while both living in Colorado. Then mom and dad, together, went and worked in Antarctica for about a year. After some adventurous travel on their way home from Antarctica, they returned to the states, got married, traveled a bit more and about a year later they welcomed this little lady into their world.

Lots of life changes for them in a short amount of time, but they just seem to roll with it. I think that is what I love about them the most. They just roll with it no matter what happens. Their roll with it attitude seems to transfer into playful, well balanced parenting. What a lucky kiddo to grow up in such an adventurous and fun family. I mean, learning to live in a secluded place like Antarctica and then traveling the world surely prepared them for the ups and downs of parenthood, right?

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