Growing Family

It is an enormous compliment when a past bride contacts me and asks me to photograph their family again. It is especially fun and exciting when the family has grown and there is a new addition to the household. This is just another part of what I love about my job, watching families grow and capturing the changes.

When arrived at Cassidy’s house, she immediately flashed me a smile. Maybe it was me, or maybe it was the balloons I was holding. What child doesn’t love balloons, right?

child in the grass with yellow balloon
Cassidy sure likes them.
family in grass with balloon and dog
Stump, their dog, was more interested in receiving pets from me than posing. Can you blame him? Pets are way more fun!
smiling family
child laughing amoung the flowers
Cassidy seems happiest outside, just like mom and dad.
child in the front, parents in the back
child in front parents kissing in the back
child in diaper on hail bail in the garden
I love this one, naked baby in the garden with the lettuce and tomatoes.
dad and child
child in cowboy boots with lettuce in hand
Cowgirls eat lettuce, don't they?
family infront of table mesa in afternoon light

Thanks guys for a fun afternoon of shooting. You are too cute with your incredible gardens and adorable lil’ gal.

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