Colorado Hut Trip with Toddlers – Family Photography

In midwinter my family and two other families with littles of similar age, headed into the Colorado backcountry for our wee ones’ first hut trip. Unsure of how it was going to go, I am happy to report it was a smashing success and our girl is hooked.

We skied into the hut and pulled our little lady in a pulk. She has ridden in our pulk plenty of times during the past two years, so she was excited about this adventure. However, when things got a little touchy, oh they got touch—she is a toddler after all, we shared a piece of the chocolate bar in Pappa’s pocket and all was well.

The hut, excuse me, I mean, lodge was Walter’s Hut on Vail Pass. It was luxurious! Not only 360-stunning views but it had everything from solar power to running water, hot showers and flush toilets! Roughing it, not really, but it was the PERFECT place to take three gals under two years on their first hut trip.

We played hard inside and outside all weekend long. We had such a blast, it is on our calendar for next year!

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