Intimate Wedding Photographer

I see my job as a wedding photographer to photograph authentic moments of a wedding—I am a wedding storyteller of sorts, doing my best to tell the couple’s real story as opposed to their picture perfect curated story. It is my goal that my couples look at their wedding photographs and feel all the feelings they experienced on their wedding day. I want all those emotions to rush over them like a gushing river each time they look through their wedding album.

Intimate weddings really allow my style of wedding photography to shine because I am able to get to know the couple, their guests and family. This in turn, allows me to create better and more authentic photographs for the couple, because I am able to spend more time gaining my clients’ trust and learning more about what is important to them.

Moments that stand out from this wedding are the first time dad laid eyes on this daughter in the hotel room at the Hyatt Boulder Place, and when the couple’s local friends showed up with bubbles and a sign, on the patio at Wild Standard, to cheer them into their reception. These are examples of the moments I look for at a wedding that help tell the story of the couple.

Emotional father hugging his daughter just before her wedding

A card opened just enough to see the words from a groom written to his bride on her wedding day in BW

silhouette of groom's men getting ready and groom brushing his bread from underneath

pair of hands holding beard control lotion

bride watching her friends laughing hysterically at a book just as she leaves to go get married

bride giggling and tucking her hair behind her ear as she turns to and see her groom for the first time

Bride and groom staring into each other's eyes and holding each other's arms with artsy affect around them

Bride holding her springy wildflower bouquet

Bride excitedly walking down the outdoor aisle with her father

Bride laughing hysterically while her groom puts the ring on her finger

Pregnant bride and groom hold her belly as they look down at it in a portrait

A surprised bride sees her friends waiting for her to enter Wild Standard Restaurant




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