Magical Bath Time: Colorado Family Photojournalist

Hey all you dads out there, I know you work hard too! Whether you stay at home raising your kids or go to work all day, the relationships our kiddos have with their dads is a special bond. I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal, that discussed the difference in relationships with dads versus moms. If you are too busy to read it, here is the Cliff Notes version…moms are the nurturers and dads are the ones encouraging junior to try new things and take risks. The bottom line: Both of these roles are needed to help our children develop and learn.

Every evening this dad and daughter have bath time together. And guess what, this little one LOVES bath time. It is great time for them to connect every day and play. He might be working all day, but come bath time, it is one-on-one time for dad and his daughter. Special times like this make up the good stuff.

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