Mother + Son: Family Life Photography

This mom and son, they stole my heart. Their relationship and how they live inspires me to be a better parent. At the end of the day, if I am exhausted and I need a break, I can easily turn to my husband and say, “I am out. Can you please do books and bed tonight?” A single parent doesn’t have this luxury. When they are with their child, they are on 100% of the time.

Since becoming a mother and knowing all that parenting entails, I tip my hat to any parent out there doing it alone. You are super heroes in my eyes. Your children probably don’t realize all that you do for them on a day-to-day basis, but one day they will thank you.

These two have a sweet relationship that stems from creativity, curiosity and kindness. Spending an evening with them in their home, photographing their everyday life, was pretty special. Never before did I notice how much he genuinely admires and looks up to his mama. His little glances up at her stole my heart. Even though he is growing up, you can still spot the innocence in his eyes and his love for is mom.

They do not own a TV. They keep themselves busy with Legos, knitting, imaginary games, gardening, reading, crafting and making yummy meals together. Doing all of these projects together is a lot of work. I bet on days when mom is stretched thin, it is hard to find the energy to come up with new ideas for interesting and challenging things to do, but she still does it because in the whole scheme of things, this is important to both of them. I am sure everyday is not rainbows and unicorns with the two of them, but the evening I spent with them reminds me of the nurturing and creative environment I strive to create as a parent.

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