Personal: Happy Fall Equinox

Do you know what is special about today? Today we celebrate the fall/autumn/September/vernal equinox. What does this mean? A full moon? Less daylight? Soon we will be ‘falling back’ the clocks?

I think this represents something different to everyone. For myself it marks the beginning of fall, one of my favorite seasons. The foliage changes, days are more crisp, it is the perfect sleeping weather, the wood stove becomes a more prominent appliance in the house, and I get to cook with gourds again. I love this time of year — it reminds me of change.

Technically speaking, the sun crosses the celestial equator on the fall equinox, and in the northern hemisphere, the sun moves southward. Traditionally, people believed on this day there were equal parts of day and night. However, this is not 100% true. It all depends where on the earth you are located; since we are all different distances from the sun, how could we all experience 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night?

Since I am an artist of light and humans I will leave the scientific talk to the experts and instead wish you a Happy Fall 2010. Here is to another change of the seasons. Do something fall-like today. Eat an apple, wear a sweater, rake some leaves or enjoy the fall colors—whatever makes you think of fall.

bride and groom infront of golden aspens in CO mountains
A Colorado fall foliage wedding with sporty sunglasses and glowing aspens.

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