Personal: Inpirations from my Wedding Photographer

I want to introduce you to someone who inspires my work. Please meet Juliana Wiklund—our wedding photographer. She inspires me from across the ocean nearly every day.

Let’s back up a little…My husband and I were married in Sweden in August of 2009. I can relate with all of you brides out there who are planning destination weddings. It is a lot of work, but believe me when I say it is worth it all.

My husband is Swedish and he is the youngest of four kids. His oldest brother is 18 years older than him, so as you can imagine, his parents are much older than mine. This meant that if his parents were going to attend our wedding it could not be held in the US, because his parents could not travel so far. Hence, we ended up marrying in Sweden. Why not, right?

Choosing our wedding photographer was hard for me because I knew I was not going to meet this person until a few days before the wedding. Being in the photography business, I had specific expectations of style and quality that I wanted for our wedding photos. All I can say is thank goodness for the Internet, because without it I would have never met Juliana. She started as our wedding photographer but has evolved into mentor, a colleague, and a friend.

Our relationship quickly evolved from client/photographer to colleagues and friends when we attended a wedding photography conference together last January and decided to be roommates. Our plans of working together on a shoot have yet to come together, but I am confident it will happen sooner than later. In the meantime, I will continue to be inspired by her work via the Internet as I habitually follow her blog and keep track of her different projects on Facebook.

Thank you Juliana for capturing our day with such beauty and style, we could not be happier with our images.

bride and groom wedding portrait
Photo by Juliana Wiklund

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