Personal: iPhoneography—the beginning

I don’t claim to be techie.  My husband (a techie) and one of my best friends (also a techie) continually poke fun at my lack of techieness. For example, I was probably one of the last photographers on the planet to go digital. I fought it as long as I could. I really loved film and I still do, because film was what I used when I began studying photography. I love shooting film, processing film and printing from film.

Today, I am an owner of many digital cameras, compact flash cards, lens and all the paraphernalia that goes along with being a digital photo geek. One technical tool I am finding very useful is the camera on my iPhone 4. Yes, despite all the negative press and reviews I broke down and purchased an iPhone 4.

I have a love hate relationship with my iPhone. I hate it because it is actually the worst phone I have ever owned. It drops calls consistently and I am always repeating myself. Some friends don’t even call anymore, we just have a long string of text message communications. But, what the phone lacks in calling abilities, it makes up for in cool features and applications. From capturing spontaneous shots of my dog playing in the pond, to photographing the label of primer at Home Depot so I remember the name, I think the iPhone 4 camera is pretty amazing.

Did you know, there are photographers out there specializing in iPhoneography? Their work is showing in galleries around the world. Some use applications to enhance their images while others stick to the au naturel route. It is pretty cool stuff. Since I have a long way to go before calling myself a iPhoneographer, I will spare you one of my iPhone images just yet. Instead check out the pros at to learn the tips of the trade. My iPhone camera will never replace my Canon 5D Mark II for photographing a wedding or a family portrait session, but could evolve into a handy point and shoot camera that is always accessible, fun and easy to use.

old leica camera next to the camera on the iPhone 4
Ariel Seidman posted this image on his blog. Check him out, he has some interesting thoughts on the subject.

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Want to take better phone pics, more often?

Want to take better phone pics, more often?