Personal: On the Road

I have been on the road for the last couple of weeks. Driving from Boulder, CO to Whistler, BC and back with a few stops along the way. My husband, dog and I drove more than 3,400 miles in 12 days, saw some new parts of North America and discovered a new love for books on tape. I did squeeze in a little work along the way, but mostly I played with the fam and friends. Here are a couple of the snapshots. A couple taken by me but most taken by my husband—thanks luv for documenting the trip.

three dogs running down a trail at the camera
New dog friends in Bend. Ours in the furry one in the middle smiling at the camera.
two dogs jumping over a log chasing a pine cone on the bank of the Deschutes River
These are some of the fastest dogs I have ever met. Lucy, the long legged one on the right, has a stride and looks of an African gazelle with a dog-like personality. The black one, Wheelie, might be little but she is packed with power and agility, as you can see. Oh to be a dog...can you tell I love them?
tv screen with the video game Rock Band on it
In Bend, we played the video game Rock Band for the first time. I was not so good at the instruments but when it came to singing I could hold my own.
boat dish full of sushi, soy sauce and hand with chop sticks
Next stop...Vancouver, B.C. We took advantage of the fact that sushi can be found just about on every block for an affordable price. YUM!
rubber bunny hanging from a chain from the ceiling with a cigarette in the mouth
We tried a trendy sushi restaurant packed with students and decorated with an eclectic array of items from old movie sets. This was one of my favorites.
neon sign that says 'Miso Horny'
The restaurant's slogan, and the sign that hangs over the door.
Three people on a mountain top resting. Two are looking out over the view with their backs turned to the camera. One person laying on a rock lounging next to a puddle of water.
As you may know Vancouver is surrounded by some stunning outdoor beauty. We took advantage of this and spent our first day hiking above Grouse Mountain. The second day we ventured to the ocean and sea kayaked in the Indian Arm. In my mind, Vancouver offers the perfect combination of mountains and water. Colorado is great, but where is our water?
woman moutain biking in the woods over a log
Mountain biking in Whistler is in a league of it's own. It was a humbling experience to say the least. It made me appreciate Colorado's smooth single track trails. I am not a downhiller who likes to drop cliffs and huck rocks. A little air here and there, but really I am happiest when my tires stay grounded.
a sea plane landing on the distant lake with the mountains in the background and Canadian flag blowing in the breeze
A dear friend's wedding in Whistler prompted this journey in the beginning. It was a special day that we were glad to be a part. I will blog a few images from the wedding in a post soon.

Now it is back to work…onto editing family portraits, a wedding and other stuff.

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