Personal: Rubber Side Down

Thirteen years ago I discovered mountain biking when I moved to a small mountain town. I had a very patient friend who showed me the local trails and encouraged me up every beastly climb. She taught me to ride clipless pedals and when I ‘super womaned’ over the handlebars (usually on every ride) she first asked if I was okay before laughing hysterically.

These days I seem to be better at keeping the rubber side down and not flying over my handlebars. Maybe it is due to the fact that I am a more experienced rider? Or maybe it is because I am older, less limber, have a greater level of self preservation and take less risks? Whatever the case, mountain biking is one way I spend my free time in the spring, summer and fall. There is nothing better than riding singletrack through an aspen grove.

woman mountain biking in an aspen grove

Thanks to my husband for capturing this shot.

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