Personal: Weather Patterns

Last week was the first official day of fall, but based on the current temperatures I feel like we still have a few months of summer ahead of us. Today they are predicting temperatures approaching the ninety’s. Doesn’t mother nature know we are just two days from October? While at a family portrait session about a week ago, I took this picture. It looks like a scene from the middle of summer, right?

image of two black eyed susan flowers up close with a butter fly pollinating it

While hiking last weekend my husband took this picture of mountain ash berries. He quickly reminded me that in Sweden, a lot of mountain ash berries on the trees signify a big winter ahead. I thought it was just some Swedish folklore until I asked Dr. Google. It appears that Native Americans believe the same thing. A plentiful mountain ash berry season lead to a long cold winter.

back lite mountain ash berries in the fall in color

All of this gave me a little hope that yes indeed it is fall, even if the temperatures do not reflect it, and a big winter is just around the corner. Are your skis/board waxed and ready to hit the slopes?

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