Portaits: Princess Delilah

If you didn’t already know, I am a dog lover. I am obsessed with my own dog, but really, I love all dogs. I love their soft ears, their coats, and their personalities. No matter their size, color or breed, dogs just make me smile.

Meet Delilah. She is just as sweet as she appears in front of the camera. Sitting like a princess with her paws crossed is the every day norm for her. She is a lover. The only thing Delilah wants is to feel the warmth of a human body close to her petting her coat. She is a Golden Doodle rescue who will win your heart with her gaze and her tail wags. She found her forever home within days of joining the Golden Rescue program and has never looked back. Hard to believe anyone ever gave her up. When I look at her, all I want to do is smile.

Animal Portrait: Female white Portuguese Water dog
Dog Portraits: Female white Portuguese Water Dog sitting with her front paws crossed

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