Portraits: Business Headshots for FishChoice.com

Last week, you met Axel, one of the most out going two-year olds I know.  If you missed this blog post, you can meet Axel here. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Axel’s dad, Rich.

As I mentioned last week, I photographed Axel’s parent’s wedding nearly six years ago. Repeat clients are the best. You know them, you know their history and things just seem to flow.  I know Axel’s parents from the time I spent living in Steamboat Springs, CO, also known as my “ski bummin’ years.’ Yes, my parents were so proud. I graduated from college and a day later I was on my way to The Boat to start my new life.

Don’t get the wrong idea, while I was there I used my college education. I worked at the local photo lab, I photographed weddings, I photographed family portraits, I dog sat, I waited tables and I washed windows. A pretty diverse resume, right? During my three years in Steamboat my dad often said to me, “When are you going to get a job?” My response, “What are you talking about Dad, I have three jobs right now.”

Axel’s mom and dad were part of my ski bumming crew. We all worked at the Chart House by night and skied, mountain biked and hiked the mountain by day—depending on the season. Axel’s dad and I spent one summer on the same window washing crew. You really get to know a person when you are on a construction clean for a multi-million dollar house out in the middle of nowhere in Routt County. Oh the good old days of the squeegee and shammy.

Axel’s dad became the head chef at our Chart House in Steamboat and grew with the company for a few years. He could always cook a fabulous meal, and some of his fish dishes were out of this world. He still loves to cook, but has evolved into a new restaurant industry position as the President of FishChoice.com.

FishChoice.com is a web based platform for commercial seafood buyers to easily find sustainable seafood options and for sustainable suppliers to connect with new markets. FishChoice.com has partnered with global environmental organizations such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium, WWF, the Marine Stewardship Council, Environmental Defense Fund, Blue Ocean Institute, FishWise, and Canada’s Sea Choice. Cool stuff, right?

Since we live in a land locked state, we decided against trying to make it look like we have a ocean nearby and went with the Colorado look for these business headshots.

Male business heashot
male business headshots

These days Rich only washes his own windows, which is much better than I. I haven’t washed a window in years. Thanks for a great session!

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