Portraits: Princess CinderBelleAriel & the Bear

I captured Princess CinderBelleAriel and her brother—the Bear with my camera yesterday, before they hit the streets in search of treats.

two and half year old girl dressed as Princess Ariel for Halloween
A princess can never pose too much...
A two year old dressed as Princess Ariel jumping up and down as her red wing and crown falls off and
...or bounce too much! All this enthusiasm was before any candy was consumed.
a crawling boy dressed as a bear for Halloween crawling on the floor
The Bear, he was just trying to keep up with Princess CinderBelleAriel.
a ten month old little boy crawling in a bear costume towards a door jam on wood floor
And he was doing a good job of it.
a two year old on grils shoulders holding onto her heard and pulling her hat off
Thanks to Princess CinderBelleAriel's mom for getting this shot. As you can see, having your family portraits taken IS fun! If you are lucky you might even get a shoulder ride from the photographer.

I hope Princess CinderBelleAriel and the Bear had a fun trick-or treating. I had a blast playing and photographing them. Happy Belated Halloween! A little post-Halloween advice—don’t eat all your treats in one sitting!

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