Portraits: Seductress of Sushi

Meet Heather Mann: a creative mastermind, an inspiration to many and a very dear friend of mine. Heather and I met nine years ago and in that time we have witnessed a lot of change and developments in each other’s lives. Heather is creative, giving, and pretty much up for anything, especially if it includes thinking outside of the box.

She is a ball of energy, a Boulder based freelance web designer and brand identity specialist. She focuses on creating logos and brand identity for new businesses and/or businesses in need of a fresh look. If you like my logo, give her a shout out and tell her how much you love it!  She designs or redesigns CMS (a system any dummy can manage) websites from the ground up. If you didn’t already know, she rocked out my site. She teaches businesses how to set up and learn the basics of social media. You know what social media is, right? Twitter, Facebook, blogs, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn and all that jazz. She taught me some social media tricks, and I still have plenty to learn.

Her tag line = “Two parts geek speak. Three parts sass.  Designer of Websites. Booster of Brands. Seductress of Sushi.” Learn more about Heather’s happenings at www.heathermann.org.

This is where I come in. She casually mentioned she needed some pictures of herself for promotional use. She said, “No big deal, just a couple of shots.” I was honored and excited to photograph her because she is super fun and we thrive off each others ideas and creativity. Heather’s ‘Seductress of Sushi’ title stuck with me as you might have guessed.

close up of woman from above eating a piece of sushi
I have this theory if people didn't have voices that we would talk with our eyebrows. Heather's eyebrows are saying, "Let me eat this!"
side profile of a close-up of a woman looking at a piece of tuna nigir
I love how the shape of her hair mimics the shape of the sushi in this one.
woman at an angle holding a piece of sushi, sultry looking at the camera
'Seductress of sushi'...there you have it!
a wide angle shot of a woman holding a piece of sushi, the sushi is up close to the camera in perfect focus and the woman is out of focus in the background looking down at the sushi
Fun with my wide angle lens.
woman holding sushi with chopsticks up close to a wide angle lens and she is out of focus
More wide angle fun.
black and white head shot of a woman, she is off to the left of image with empty space to the right
We were a little serious too. Everyone needs a couple headshots.
head shot of a woman in an aged color photo with a plaid shirt and plaid hat that don't match
Some people, myself included, would think, "Plaid on plaid does not work." Not Heather, it works for her.
head shot of a woman in color with plaid hat and plaid shirt that do not match
See, it works. A lot going on with the color in her shirt and hat, but that is Heather. She always has a lot going on.
black and white headshot of a woman at an angle with a plaid hat and plaid shirt at an angle.

These last two are a little more artsy. I was just playin’ but I love how they turned out.

image of a woman from above against a red brick wall, a small portion of her face is in focus, the rest is blurry
Reflective Heather.
blurred portrait of a woman from above, her plaid shirt has a small heart on the pocket, that is what is in focus and the rest of the shot is blurred
The heart on her shirt was the first thing thing that grabbed my focus. So subtle, but so not.

Another fun day at work with you, Heather. I hope to do it again soon.

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