Portraits: Sweet Dixie

Labrador Retrievers make me smile. How could anyone ever look at a lab and not smile? Impossible! Labs see a human, they smile and in return, we smile at them. All they want is to please their human and get some love and treats. Yes, lots of treats. Labs, they love their food. All kinds of food. It doesn’t even have to be dog food, or even food, they will eat it.

This lab, who is only a year old and already weighs 80 pounds, won my heart the moment I learned her name—Dixie. Her golden eyes and curious nature entertained me all day. My favorite thing about Dixie is when she is reprimanded by mom she gets a, “No M’am,” not just a regular no, but “No M’am!” Maybe that is why she sits like such a fine young lady, at times.

Female chocolate lab sitting pretty for the camera
Yes, indeed that is drool on her nose. I failed to mention Labs can be a little heavy on the drool.

female chocolate lab shaking after swimming
Now, that is not all drool flying around, she had been swimming, so some of it is water.
female chocolate lab with stick in her mouth
Are there any dogs who don't love to chew on a good stick? Dixie is no different.

As you can see, Dixie is a natural behind the camera. Thank you Dixie for making me smile.

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