Portraits: Ukulele Candids

Remember Hannah, the writer from yesterday? Not only is she a writer, but she also happens to be a stellar Ukulele player in training—and she can sing! I was lovin’ it when she belted out Nanci Griffith’s I Wish It Would Rain. She knew every single word. We used her Uku to keep her calm, cool and relaxed during her session. I couldn’t put down my camera, I had to grab these shots! Maybe she will use one of these portraits for her Ukulele album cover? A gal can hope, right?

female singing and playing the ukulele
"Oh I wish it would rain. Wash my face clean..."
portrait of a woman holding her ukulele
The album portrait.
woman playing ukulele
Or perhaps she should use this one for the album cover? NOT! This is a good example of why NOT to use a wide angle lens when shooting portraits. In Hannah's defense, she does not have enormous hands and forehead, that is the effect of a wide angle lens close up.

Happy Friday everyone, get out there and see some live music this weekend, play your ukulele or better yet, do both!

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