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Putting yourself out there, why is it so hard? In the age of social media, where people carefully curate the pieces of their lives they share with the world, some people struggle to put themselves out there, myself included! Sometimes fear holds us back from moving forward.

What if no one likes what I have to offer? This is something I think about nearly every day. In the past my insecurities with my work made me timid to share my images online. But I made a deal with myself in 2016. You have to put yourself out there more. If you don’t, no one will see your work and know what you are up to. So here I am, putting myself out there.

I have been working on a personal project for nearly a year now. It is about to come to a close in a few short weeks. I haven’t shared much of this project with anyone besides my husband, but I am preparing to share the project with some very talented photographers whom I greatly admire in a few weeks.

With that said, I invite you into a little glimpse of family life at my house. Not everyday is perfect–actually most days are far from perfect, but it is our reality right now and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Family Photos Colorado

Family Documentary Photography

Family Photography

Colorado Documentary Family Photographer

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Colorado Everyday Life Photographer

Colorado Family Photos

Documentary Family Photography

Boulder Documentary Family Photographer

Documentary Family Photographer - Colorado


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