Remodeling 101

I recently kicked off a new chapter in my life. Home ownership. As exciting as it is to own your own home, it also comes with new things to learn and patience. For example my husband and I moved into our new pad about a month ago. Since the day we moved in, we planned to relocate our washer and dryer and to build a pantry in the space that use to house the washer and dryer. I will be honest I am not exactly a ‘handy-woman.’ I am creative. I like decorating and cooking. I can draw and paint. However when it comes to dry wall, hammers and nails I am clueless.

This is when the patience part comes in…We, or perhaps I should say I, thought this was a pretty straightforward simple job. Tear out the old built in desk, move the washer and dryer then install the shelves for the pantry—DONE! I anticipated it to take about a week. And I thought it was a one-person job. Well, the first week is past, our house is in disarray and our pantry is still made of boxes staked in the hallway. Since last Monday we have had three different vendors at our house and we are now in the scheduling queue for the fourth vendor (the guy who will actually move the washer and dryer) who says he is booked for the next two weeks. See, I told you I have no idea what it takes to do a little remodeling. Oh, and did I mention that the electricity and water to the washer and dryer in the old location are cut? Guess that means our next date night might be at the laundromat if something does not happen soon.

remodel in the works of a closet and washer dryer storage
The new location for the washer and dryer as well as a new entry closet. It will be great, once it is complete.
washer and dryer with moving boxes
The washer and dryer stuck in the old location a.k.a. our 'new pantry', patiently awaiting the big move. Please notice our current pantry, the boxes to the right. The mayhem in the left of the picture use to be our living room but is currently serving as the place where everything goes that has no place to be.

I am confident remodeling is rewarding in the end, but the journey is a good test of patience.

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