The Dubious Eater – Documentary Family Photography

Are your kids picky eaters? As parents, I think we have all fought this battle on one level or another. This guy is what I call a “dubious eater,” and he is pretty smart. I forget if it was mom or dad, but one of his parents thought they were being so smart by sticking the asparagus in his beloved penne pasta. He won’t notice, right? I am sure they were thinking something to the effect of, he loves pasta so much he will just eat it. Not so much. He found the asparagus and questioned why it was inside the pasta and then didn’t eat it. And then there was the pork chop. When his mom cut it up in small bites for him, he wouldn’t eat it. But then she offered him strips of pork chop that he could hold. Voilà, the kid ate the pork chops. See what I mean, a genuine dubious eater.

But eating isn’t all we did during our visit. We explored outside before dinner. This family lives on a acre of land, so plenty of space for adventuring. But really, the coolest thing for this little guy were the power tools in the garage that were being used in a renovation project. And then there were the cats, bath time and stories before bed. Clearly, there are plenty of adventures to be had at this house.

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