The Art of Smiling

“A smile costs nothing but means much.” – Author Unknown

This quote lives in the back of my mind and is a big part of my life. It helps keep me on track to what is important to me in life. The power of smiles is amazing. Just one smile can lighten a room, make someone’s day or change a person’s mood. They are contagious, those smiles. Is it humanly possible NOT to smile when they surround you? I am doubtful, and I am not even tempted to try. Sometimes when I encounter someone who is not smiling or seems angry, I make it a game to try getting them to flash me a smile. Give it a try and see how easy it is. And the next time you are having a bad day, just shoot someone a smile. I bet you will get one in return and you will be one step closer to smiling again.

small child smiling at camera, child portrait

Mursi man smiling at the camera

woman doing yoga in a cowboy hat
smiling grandmothers

smiling bride and girlfriends

smiling child portrait

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Want to take better phone pics, more often?