Travel: NYC

My first visit to NYC was a 16 year-old girl. My father took me and a friend their for my birthday and I was blown away by it all. The fast paced life, the shining lights, the fancy clothes—this is what I remember from that trip. I returned to NYC in my mid twenties after serving in the Peace Corps in Madagascar and after 9/11. The city seemed different to me then. Probably because I had more life experience then and I was visiting a friend in Harlem who also had just returned from the Peace Corps. We were two lost souls trying to figure out—Now what?

This past weekend I returned to NYC again—this time to celebrate my husband’s birthday. He loves city life and NYC has been on his “To do” list for a long time, so I surprised him with a little weekend adventure in the city that never sleeps.

My time in NYC was different this time. People did not seem as rushed or intimidating. They seemed more real and human. Perhaps it is me, getting older and realizing we as humans are more alike than we are different. Or maybe it is because this city has dealt with a life changing tragedy which has made them much more real. I am not sure of the correct answer, but I can say we had a fabulous weekend exploring the city and living life a little different than we do in Boulder, and we loved it.

Ten Things I love about NYC (in no particular order)

  1. The diversity – so many different types of people in one compact area and they pretty much get along
  2. The different neighborhoods – walking the neighborhoods is like walking through many countries in a day
  3. The cab drivers – you can learn a lot from the cabbies, most importantly they can teach you how to survive in NYC
  4. The food – from gourmet delicacies, to NY style pizza, or bagels with whitefish, it is all delicious
  5. The subway – so easy, so convenient, it’s perfect
  6. The people watching – FABULOUS!
  7. The museums – there are more interesting museums in NYC, then you could possibly visit in a lifetime
  8. The jogging track circling the reservoir in Central Park – a little piece of nature right in the city
  9. The art – NYC is an artist’s Shangri-La
  10. The fashion – just like in the movies, they know their fashion

A couple snapshots from NYC taken by the birthday boy.

the outside of the NYC Stock Exchange building with American flags hanging and a delivery guy in yellow riding by on his bike
a NYC city scape with a cab and tall buildings in the back

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