Travel Portraits: Babies of New Year’s Eve

Emma and Albin were guests at our New Year’s Eve celebration. I couldn’t resist grabbing a couple of shots of these two workin’ the party.

a child sucking her thumb looking directely at the camera
Emma—she is a busy little one year old. Very curious and eager to explore everything she encounters. Her first four months were rough. She spent them at the hospital because she arrived in August instead of December. At birth, she weighed 600 grams. For those who are metrically challenged (myself included) 600 grams = two bags of chips. What she lacked in size at birth, she makes up for now with her enormous personality.
a Swedish child sitting on Dad's lap, looking directly at the camera
Albin—he was born in June and he is a mellow, very content little boy. I don't think I heard him make a peep all night. Okay maybe when he was laughing and playing with Emma. The two of them in their striped pajamas were adorable and made me want to get a pair of striped pajamas for myself, preferably ones with feet on them to wear when lounging with my coffee.
Swedish child's socks
Baby feet and baby there anything cuter?
Swedish child wearing socks that say "I 'heart' Mum"
Just when I thought I had my fill of adorable socks for the evening, Emma slipped into these before bed. I wonder if I can get a pair for the dog, and if he will wear them?

Happy 2011! Thanks for a lovely evening of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Gott nytt år!

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