Weddings: 60 Years of Love & Companionship

Over the holidays, my in-laws celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary. I feel lucky to have married into a family with parents who have been committed to one another for 60 years. After four children and 60 years they continue to value one another and their love is going strong. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard my husband’s mother look her husband in they eyes and say with sincerity, “Ivar, I love you,” as she grabs his hand.  It is very sweet and something I aspire to do when I am her age.

From what I can tell (I officially joined the family a year and a half ago, so I am still a rookie), my in-laws encompass a lot of what I believe makes a good marriage. Partnership, commitment, unconditional love, support, humor, romance, adventure, companionship, are just a few that come to mind. They truly are a fantastic marriage role model, and super cute.

See for  yourself, these are a couple pictures from the 60th Anniversary dinner the kids and their partners prepared to celebrate their parents’ special day.

portrait of a couple who has been married for 60 years
The love birds: Ivar and Kristina. I love the way she is looking into his eyes and holding his hand. She loves to hold his hand. It warms my heart to watch them interact and see the love they share.
close up image of a bouquet of red and white roses
Their kids gave them a gorgeous bouquet of roses. Yes, you can find picture perfect roses in Sweden in the dead of winter.
Princesstårta 60th Weddding Anniversary cake
The much coveted Princesstårta (Princess cake) Wedding Anniversary cake. This is a favorite Swedish cake. It is a cake bottom layer, covered with a semi-sweet (by American standards) vanilla cream filling and jam filling topped with marzipan. The Swedes love this, especially my father in-law Ivar. He has been know to have a bit of a sweet tooth.
60th Wedding Anniversary couple with their cake
a piece of Princesstårta cake
Take note of the size of this piece of cake. It is Ivar's.

two pieces of Princesstårta next to each other, one much larger than the other
I guess once you have been married for 60 years you can have as big of a slice of cake as you'd like.

Happy Anniversary Ivar and Kristina! Your love is inspiring.

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